South Eastern Virginia Rocketry Association

South Eastern Virginia Rocketry Association
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Electronics Bay completed

Continuing from the last entry of finishing the fin can...

The upper centering ring with U-Bolt

A view from under the upper centering ring.

Applying fillets to the centering rings.

Lower and mid centering.

Using a 4" PVC pipe I cut it in half just above the center line.

Placing the cut PVC on the upper electronics sled. This will be the PML switch bracket.

Drawing out the locations of the switches.

Another view showing the pilot holes.

A dry set up of where the components wil be attached.

A closer look at the switch bracket.

Supports for the PVC bracket.

Bracket in place.

Wood screws to keep bracket in place and epoxy fillets down the side.

The fillets will just be used to keep the PVC from flattening out. I need to be able to take the bracket off incase any of the switches fail.

Both fillets finished and the electronics stand-off pegs glued in.

Electronics sled installed to check clearance.

The layout including wire hold down supports and altimeters installed.

Switches wired and layed out for connections.

Final connections made and wire harness cleaned up.

Jumpers installed to test the electronics.

I need to figure out how to strap down the 12 inches of wires from the ALTS2 Harness...