South Eastern Virginia Rocketry Association

South Eastern Virginia Rocketry Association
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ok, the weather has finally warmed up enough I can start laying some filler to get the airframe nice and smooth. I tried a few months ago but the cold air had the epoxy cured in around 3 days....
I had to make a reducer because the kit came with a 98mm motor mount and I will be using a 76mm Loki motor (pictured)

Durning the cold weather I messed around with the recovery gear. Here is the 56" chute (blue)that will be attached to the nose cone and deployment bag (green and yellow) The 15' recovery chute will be attached to the 30' shock cord on the right.

The other end of the shock cord with protector.

This is the drouge end. A 5' chute with 60' of schock cord attached to the fin can

An over all shot.

Ok, now the messy stuff. This will be the first time I had to smooth the airframe with filler. I used West System with 410 filler. This batch was too thin and I layed it on too thick. Once cured it took a couple of days to get it back to the right diameter.

After sanding down with sander then by hand.

I used my aging resin (red) with alot more filler to smooth out the rough areas...

...and start building up the fin fillets.

These will be easier to sand down once cured.
Once I get this smoothed out and how I want around the fins it'll get it's first coat of primer then on to the colors....

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