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South Eastern Virginia Rocketry Association
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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Electronic Sled

I am quickly realizing that developing a blog is almost as much work as building the Max. I have yet to figure out how to post pictures and allow you to open them up into the full size...looks like I'll need to do a little research (if there is anyone out there that is actually reading this, post a comment if you know how to do that)

Back to the project, after getting the electronics bay carcass made I focused my attention on making the sled for the electronics. With three all-thread's to attached to I will use two and maybe use the left over space to put in a camera or video recorder.

I initially decided to use brass tubing to fit over the all-thread but quickly found out that the slightest ding would prevent it from going over the post. I though about using the next size tube but it ended up being too loose and I did not want the sled moving around that much.

My next choice was plastic. Easy to cut, not dent or ding problems.

The placement was a little unprofessional because I had the brass tubes JB Welded earlier but when I accidentally dropped the sled all but one of the brass tubes popped off so the placements were a little out of alignment.

This photo shows the post I will be sliding the sled onto.

Here you can see the misalignment I talked about earlier.

With the plastic tubes in place I wanted to strengthen it up so I layed up some fiberglass. I had to use CA to keep the fiberglass tight around the curves.

Application of my blood red epoxy

Masking tape removed.

Now that my fiberglass has arrived and I have located a 75mm adapter I will begin work on the fin can and airframes...

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Murdock said...

Where are you posting your pictures from? Check out my blog over at and you can see how mine open full size. I can help you figure it out as well.